2023/2024 Registration – We still have room in our 3 PM (afternoon) preschool class! If you would like to register, please purchase a 2023/2024 membership. We also encourage people to sign up on our wait list if the class you are interested in is full.

2023/2024 Registration Dates   

Important registration information: You must have a 2023-2024 membership in place before you can start the registration process.

Please note, for the 2023/2024 school year, all of our PUF spots are taken in the 3 and 4 year old program. 

Tuition and Registration Fee by Program

2023-2024: 3-year-old Program with morning (either 8:45 – 11:15am or 9:00 – 11:30am), or afternoon classes (12:45 – 3:15pm).  Classes are on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Non-refundable registration fee: $100.00
  • 2023-2024 Monthly tuition: $100 (subsidy applied)
  • Registrants must be 3 years old by December 31st, of the same school year in which they will commence classes will be eligible for enrollment in the 4 yr old program. Children must be toilet trained
2023-2024: 4-year-old Program (morning class runs 8:45 – 11:45am and afternoon class runs 12:45 – 3:45pm) Classes are on Monday Wednesday and Friday.
  • Non-refundable registration fee: $100.00
  • 2023-2024 Monthly tuition: $170 (subsidy applied)
  • Registrants must be 4 years old by December 31st, of the same school year in which they will commence classes will be eligible for enrollment in the 4 yr old program. Children must be toilet trained
2023-2024: 4-year-old All Day Program ( class runs 9:00 – 3:30pm) Classes are on Monday Wednesday and Friday.
  • Non-refundable registration fee: $100.00
  • 2023-2024 Monthly tuition: $450 (subsidy applied)
  • Registrants must be 4 years old by December 31st, of the same school year in which they will commence classes will be eligible for enrollment in the 4 yr old program. Children must be toilet trained

All registrants must have a membership with the Silver Springs Community Association. For residents, the membership cost is $25.00. Non residents may purchase an associate membership for $35.00.


All registrants will be charged a $30  school supply fee with their initial tuition payment.

Payment Schedule:

A PAD, pre-authorized debit, form is required to debit your account for the monthly tuition.

If you register before June 1st– the first withdrawal will be on June 1st. 

If you register after June 1st – the first withdrawal will be on the first day of the following consecutive month of registration. This will be your prepayment for the year’s tuition, remaining monthly payments will be withdrawn on the first of each month from September to May.

If you register after September 1st – the first withdrawal will be on the first day of the next month.  This will be your prepayment for the June tuition. The second payment will also be on the first day of the following consecutive month of registration through to May 1st.

PUF Funding – Silver Springs Preschool welcomes children with PUF (Program Unit Funding). Please note however, that our policies provide for a maximum of 2 PUF children per class. When you register, please indicate in the comments section that your child is PUF funded. They will be registered in the order received. When the maximum has been reached in a class, no other PUF students will be accepted. Your child will not qualify for a spot at Silver Springs Preschool if you fail to disclose PUF funding at the time of registration. 

Silver Springs Preschool firmly believes in the importance of play. Play is an integral part in every aspect of a child’s development. It facilitates motor development, social competence, emotional development, self- control, confidence, creativity, scientific reasoning and abstract thinking.

Our Goals and Promise to you and your children

  • To provide a variety of learning opportunities, which recognize the different learning styles of each individual child
  • To allow each child to access the learning opportunities provided at their own pace
  • To provide a fun, stimulating and nurturing environment
  • To provide children with the skills they will need to enter Kindergarten with confidence
  • To familiarize children with the rules, routines and structures they will encounter in Kindergarten
  • To give both children and their parents a sense of community

Each day is filled with teachable moments. Young children are eager to learn and their play usually shows what they are learning day to day.  So, the next time you ask a young child, “What did you do at school today?” and he/she replies, “I just played”, think twice and grin for he/she did that and so much more.

What makes Silver Springs such a great preschool? 



Laura Anderson

Teacher, 3 Year Old Program

Education: University of Calgary Bachelor of Education 1996

Experience: Taught 5 years at the elementary level (K, Gr. 2 & PE), has taught at Silver Springs Preschool since 2008, Handwriting Without Tears training, Jolly Phonics training,  Standard Child Care First Aid/CPR/AED Level B

Laura lives in the community and feels fortunate to have the opportunity to do what she loves so close to home. When not teaching, Laura enjoys camping, skiing and biking with her husband and 2 daughters.


Rachael Walker

Teacher, 3 & 4 Year Old Program

Education: BA Hons in Geography from the University of Sheffield UK, Post Graduate Certificate in Education from the University of Newcastle, UK, completed training in both Handwriting Without Tears and Jolly Phonics, Standard Child Care First Aid/CPR/AED Level B

Experience: Rachael has taught for 7 years in elementary schools in both England and Scotland, teaching various grades and abilities. She started teaching at Silver Springs Preschool in 2012.

Both of Rachael’s daughters have been through the program and it has been great to see the preschool from both a parental and teaching perspective. In her spare time she plays competitive soccer and also loves to ski with her husband and 2 daughters.


Lisa West

Teacher,  4 Year Old Program

Education: Bachelor of Education from Liverpool University

Experience: Lisa trained as an early years teacher and her first position was at an elementary school in Lancashire, where she worked for 10 years. During that time Lisa taught full time classes from ages 4-7. Lisa has also been a substitute teacher while staying at home, and has volunteered with Calgary Reads.

Lisa and her husband moved to Calgary in 2006 and began their family here. She made the conscious decision to stay at home with her 2 children, Lily & Matthew, until they were of school age. Both of Lisa’s children have attended the Silver Springs Preschool. She is so glad for the opportunities that were provided to them before they started school. Lisa felt a complete sense of community whilst attending the preschool and enjoys Silver Springs very much.


 Julie McLeod 

 Assistant, 3 and 4 Year Old Program

 Education: Diploma in childcare from England, Standard First Aid

 Experience: Started at Silver Springs Preschool in 1998

Both of Julie’s “grown up” children went through the program at Silver Springs Preschool. She feels very fortunate to have a job that she enjoys so much and likes being part of this great community. Julie and her husband have lived in Silver Springs since 1985.

Pam Philp

Assistant, 4 Year Old Program

Education: Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from University of Calgary, Early Childhood Educator Level 1, Standard First Aid

Experience: Pam has volunteered at preschools and elementary schools. She has previously ran a private day home.

Pam lives in the community with her husband and 3 children, dog, rabbit and a horse. After loving her time at the preschool as a parent she is delighted to have the opportunity to return as part of the staff. Pam loves camping, scuba diving, traveling and adventuring with her family.

Jenn Brand

Assistant,  3 Year Old Program

Education: Early Childhood Education, Standard First Aid

Experience: Jenn has 10 years experience supporting children with special needs in Preschool and Kindergarten settings. She also homeschooled her children during their elementary years

Jenn has been living in Calgary for almost 20 years with her husband and 4 children. She spends her time crocheting, going for walks, baking and is learning how to cross country ski.

Katharine Goble

Assistant, 4 Year Old Program

Education: Bachelor of Science from Saint Mary’s University and Bachelor of Education from the University of Calgary. 

Experience: Katharine has taught for 9 years mostly teaching grades 1 and 2. She volunteered while her boys attended the preschool and started as a substitute teacher at Silver Springs preschool in 2018. Standard First Aid/CPR/AED Level C


Katharine lives in the community with her husband, two boys and large dog. Both her sons went through the program and feels lucky to be able to work in such a great community.  Katharine enjoys camping, walking the dog and skiing on her free time.

Preschool Documents


  • For more information on how the SSPS is managed and operated, please review our POLICIES (unabridged version), revised August 2021

Volunteers are an important part of our programming. Find out more about how you can get involved


We post a copy of our preschool newsletter here. Check back in September 2023.

Curious about what our preschool is like? Watch our virtual tour!

Silver Springs Preschool – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you have other questions, please email the preschool at

How do I register my child and when?

Register your child online by visiting the Silver Springs Preschool website at

Registration dates are as follows:

  • Backpack Registration (Families who are currently enrolled in the preschool) January 11 2024 at 8:00 pm, online only.
  • Alumni Registration (Families who have had children attend the preschool in the last 5 years) January 16th 2024 at 8pm
  • Pre-registration (Silver Springs residents only) January 18th 2024 at 8pm
  • Open registration January 22rd 2024 at 8pm

If you are having troubles registering online, please email the registrar at


We have applied the federal childcare subsidy to our tuition payments. Silver Springs Community Association takes care of all reporting on behalf of the parents/guardians. If your household income is lower than $150,000 – you may be eligible for an additional subsidy. Parents and guardians most apply for this on their own. To find out eligibility requirements and to apply the link is:

If you are approved, SSCA will receive notification from the Alberta government. We then receive money from them, which we give back to you every month by cheque. 

How much time is involved in participating in a Parent Participation Preschool?
Your commitment is either:

  • Volunteer as a member of the Preschool Advisory Committee (PSAC)
  • Toy Cleaning x 8-10 times throughout school year. This is done in our commercial dishwasher and takes 5-8 minutes
  • Playdoh Maker (biweekly), Laundry (biweekly), Scrapbooking

It is also possible for a grandparent, nanny, or other caregiver to do the duty days. If you do not complete your volunteer obligations, families will be charged $100 at the end of the school year.

Do I have to volunteer in the classroom?

No, but we do encourage parents to participate, especially on their child’s “special day” which includes birthdays and/or show & share days.  Please keep in mind that it is mandatory if you are  accompanying children on fieldtrips that you complete an Electronic Police Background Information Check (e-PIC).  An e-PIC is valid for 2 years and there is NO charge to complete this check.  A volunteer letter from the preschool is required to complete the e-PIC and can be requested from the Silver Springs Community Centre by emailing If you have access to your existing EPIC from another group, you can “share” the results with Silver Springs Community Association. 

Why does the Preschool fundraise?

Fundraising dollars are raised each year to introduce fun and exciting activities, beyond our regular curriculum.  Every dollar raised goes directly back into the Preschool.  Fundraising dollars have enabled us to add programs such as yoga classes, music/dance classes, new toys and fund field trips (Zoo/Butterfield Acres/Safety City).   Please watch our newsletters and/or visit our website for details on our fundraising efforts.

What if my child is sick or not well?

If your child is ill (fever, vomiting or diarrhea) please do not bring them to school. We request this in consideration of all children and staff. We will contact you to pick up your child immediately, should they become ill at school. We highly recommend a 48-hour symptom free period following a child having a fever/ vomiting / diarrhea. If you know in advance your child will be away, please let your teachers know, and/or phone the preschool at 403-286-3170.

What should my child wear to school?

Our program includes exploring a variety of art mediums, including paint/water/sand etc.  We also spend time in the gym and outside playing games and learning new skills. Wearing play clothes to preschool is a good idea.  It is also important that your child has suitable outdoor clothing and footwear for the weather.

My child has food allergies; can he/she still attend this Preschool? 

We are a school that supports children with allergies. Children do not share snacks and we ensure that children wash their hands before and after snack time. We are also a nut-free school. Please indicate on your registration form if your child has any allergies.

How can parents receive regular information on activities and themes being taught in the classroom?

Parents receive a newsletter as well as a monthly calendar. Teachers also use the app “Class Dojo”. This is an effective tool for direct messaging and receiving updates. Your teacher will send more information about the app closer to the start of the school year. Teachers will also use email and phone calls to communicate with parents/guardians as needed.

2023-2024 Registration Status

( last updated September 21 2023)

  • 3PM- 1 space available
  • 3AM- FULL
  • 4AM- FULL
  • 4PM- FULL
  • 4 All-Day-Class- FULL
  • Waitlist available for all classes

Latest News

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Email: Phone: 403-288-2616