Fitness Classes

Registration will open September 1st 2023 at 9am


9:15-10:15amStrength and Core*Proactive Adult*Proactive Adult*Proactive Adult*Sweat & Restore*
10:30-11:30amFusion FitnessRetiree Yoga
11-12pmSeniors Yoga
1-2pmImprover Line Dance
2-3pmHigh Beginner Line Dance
3-4pmBeginner Line Dance

*Proactive Adult, Sweat & Restore and Strength and Core are drop in only. All other classes are registered. If the class has already started please contact our office to receive a prorated registration fee.

Price List

Drop In Classes (returns September 5 2023, no classes on Labour Day)

Proactive Adult / Strength & Core / Sweat & Restore: $7. Punch card available

Registered Classes (registration opens September 1 at 9am online):

Seniors Yoga: September 12 to December 12 / 14 classes / $140

Line Dance: September 14 to December 14 / 14 classes / $140

Retiree Yoga: September 15 to October 27 / 7 classes / $70

Fusion Fitness Session 1: September 6 to October 25 / 8 classes / $80

Fusion Fitness Session 2: November 1 to December 13 / 7 classes / $70

*All of our registered classes have a drop in fee of $12

Class Description

Retiree Yoga

This class will get your body moving in ways that are supportive. You will notice your breathing become calmer and we will also include mindfulness practices that can be used in your daily life. Open to all levels and abilities. This class will only run with a minimum of 10 people.

Fusion Fitness

A blended class that incorporates posture and exercises from Yoga, Pilates and strength training. This mat-based course provides participants with all the best aspects of yoga, pilates and strength training for an exceptionally well-rounded class that challenges even the most expert Yogi and pilates guru. This low impact class improves participants’ strength, flexibility and balance. Participants are encouraged to bring their own yoga mat. Instructor: Judi

Seniors Yoga

Classes will focus on gentle stretching, breathing exercises and meditation. It does not matter how flexible we are as long as we keep moving and do what we can. SCENT FREE CLASS Instructor: Marcy

Strength and Core

This class focuses on building strength in both the upper and lower body. Working with different counts as we lift weights. There will be a cardio interval (no choreography), followed by core work on the floor and stretches. Open to all levels. You choose the weight you want to use. Instructor Judi 

Proactive Adult

An active class for those who want to keep moving with choreographed cardio patterns
followed by free weights and mat work. Designed to promote muscle awareness and improve muscle
tone. Balance exercises are a must. The choreography is alternated with interval workouts to keep the
routine fresh every week! Instructor: Judi 

Sweat & Restore

Join Judi for a 45 minute interval training session and finish with a 15 minute restorative stretch.

Morning Yoga

Come as you are. Allow your breath to move your body. Set aside one hour to connect, to be curious about how you move, and to feel from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet. Our yoga class is suitable for all levels and offers levels within the poses to deepen your practice or to move gently and listen to what your body needs. Stay light-hearted, practice balance, engage your core and cultivate physical awareness to move with grace and skill. Instructor: Alicia Backman