West Valley Softball U7 Timbits

West Valley Softball U7 Timbits

Timbits U7 $120

Both girls and boys born in 2017 / 2018 / 2019 are eligible to play in the Timbits program.

Diamond location: Tentatively scheduled to be playing Silver Springs, NW Calgary.

Tuesday and Thursday 6:00 to 7:15pm, starting April 29th to June 20 2024.

Timbits Softball was designed to address the specific needs of young players and is replaces the old game of T-Ball. The first and most important goal of the program is to make Softball FUN for girls and boys. Typical game nights involve 30-45 minute softball skill-based activities with your own team, and a 30 minute fun game-like scrimmage with another team. This program differs from sports like mini-soccer where only the aggressive children touch the ball. In the Timbits Softball Program, players are in small groups where they get the required repetitions to make improvements in skill development and feel that sense of accomplishment that increase self-confidence.

Required equipment includes: ASA approved batting helmet with a softball face guard, glove (recommended 9 to 10 inches – child should be able to open and close), fielding mask (ASA approved), fielding mask (ASA approved) and a water bottle.

Optional equipment includes batting helmet with strap and cage, batting gloves for warmth, jock or jyl strap, personal bats (ASA approved).

West Valley Softball will provide shared helmets (you can buy your own), bats, balls, and all other equipment required!

We love Tuxedo Source for Sports for equipment or Play it Again Sports