Friendly Social Bridge Group

We are a group of mostly seniors who meet on Wednesday afternoons to play friendly Bridge. We are certainly not experts, nor a teaching group for learning the game. Participants are expected to have either played previously or have taken some beginner lessons. In order to be able to communicate and bid effectively with a variety of players, we encourage participants to follow the American Contract Bridge League standards, a system that is explained in Audrey Grant’s bridge resources. There are a variety of her books and other resources available online and in some book stores. Audrey Grant is a current Canadian Bridge expert who teaches a modern North American bidding system.

Wednesdays 1:00- 4:00 p.m.

Location: Silver Springs Community Association

5720 Silver Ridge Drive NW

Calgary, Alberta T3B 5E5

Cost: $2.00 per person per afternoon attended

A Silver Springs Community membership is required. Very affordable for seniors. This group is nearing capacity. Please call SSCA office at 403-288-2616 if you are interested in attending.