Line Dancing

Line dance is a fun way to exercise the body, mind & soul. We memorize a group of steps and dance to a variety of musical genres. You may not get the dance perfect the first time but with repetition each week we gradually add dances to our repertoire. Line dance is a great way to stay young and active while making new friends.  Instructor: Sharon Fromow

Which class is right for you?


           Beginner Class–This class is suitable for dancers with some line dance experience. The musical tempo will range from slow to moderate. We dance to a variety of musical genres. Weekly practise between classes will enhance the class experience. Most dances will be 32-48 counts. Class runs Thursdays 2 – 3pm, 11 weeks, $110

          Improver Class–This class is suitable for dancers who have completed beginner line dance sessions and are ready for a new challenge. We will add to the basic step patterns and choreography will include a variety of tempos and rhythms. At this level the dance routines will have several turns and will often have restarts and tags. The choreography is typically 32-64 and involve several turns. To enhance learning some practise is required between classes. Class runs Thursdays 1 – 2pm, 11 weeks, $110

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 Session 1: January 20 – March 30 (11 weeks) $110

Session 2: April 21 – June 16 (9 weeks) $90