Your Great Outdoors

Our parks are your space to breathe, play and connect.

Silver Springs sits atop beautiful Bowmont Park and the Bow river in NW Calgary. Our community is set around gorgeous natural scenery and parks that offer something for everyone. 

Botanical garden 

The botanical gardens is a place for you to walk your dog and take in the lush scenery and gardens that are so carefully kept by your neighbors. Dedicated volunteers maintain the perennial plants that come in every year, spend time planting gorgeous annuals and keep the weeds at bay so residents can enjoy a garden in the summer months. The Botanical Garden is located on the East side of the Silver Springs Community along Sarcee Trail as you enter the community. It can be accessed by Silver Springs Drive N.W. and 62 ave N.W., with many access points via foot as well. 

The gardens are maintained by the volunteers of the Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs (BGSS) Society. Learn more, including how you can volunteer!

Edible garden 

The edible garden is not what you think it is, unless you think it’s a garden full of vegetables and fruit! Silver Springs is so fortunate to have dedicated, experienced community gardeners who want to share their passion and love of gardening with their neighbors. The edible garden is a public garden located in the west part of the community along Silver Hill Road N.W. 

The gardens are maintained by the Edible Garden Group.

Outdoor hockey rink 

SSCA also has a outdoor hockey rink which is maintained during the winter months.