Silver Springs Storm Pond Cleaning

Silver Springs Storm Pond Cleaning

Water Services would like to share information on immediate, unplanned work taking place at the Bowmont West stormwater pond located east of 85 St. N.W. and south of the Silver Valley Blvd. N.W.

Project details

Recently, City crews responded to a clogged sanitary pipe, which resulted in some sewage released to the Bowmont West storm pond. The blockage has been removed and as part of the continued clean-up, we need to remove sediment from the storm pond.

The project is expected to be completed by mid-April including the cleaning and site restoration.

We expect minimal disruption to nearby residents. Possible impacts may include:

·         Increased traffic on roads into the site, including heavy construction vehicles.

·         The stormwater pond will be inaccessible and a section of the pathway west of the pond will be closed.

·         There may be increased noise from construction vehicles.

·         There may be increased noise from pumps used to remove water from the ponds until approximately the end of March.

·         While water is being removed from the ponds, there may be odours as organic materials are exposed to air. This is normal and the odour will dissipate quickly. There are no associated health or safety concerns, but we will be monitoring.

·         For safety, the work site will be fenced, and all inaccessible areas will be signed. Access will be restricted to City of Calgary personnel and contractors only.

If residents have questions or concerns, they are asked to contact 311