Summer Reminders from the City of Calgary

  • Dump fees waived until mid-July for tree debris – Until the middle of July, the City of Calgary is not charging residents to drop off their tree debris at city dumps from the recent wind and rainfall. If you have more than that fits into your green cart, then you can bring it to one of our three landfills – at no charge for residents. 
  • Be Safe, Be Heard – Sharing pathways safely with others means letting them know you’re nearby. When you’re cycling and you approach others from behind, make yourself heard by using either a bell or your voice. Visit to learn more.
  • Construction Site Thefts – There is a high volume of thefts from construction sites in the City. These come in the form of taking small items such as tools to large product items: lumber, flooring, doors, windows, roofing material, trailers, etc.  Please report suspicious activity and vehicles to police who are in the construction area, especially if the builder is done for the day. If someone is loading material from a site rather than unloading it, it may be suspicious, call the police or Crime Stoppers.