River Safety in Calgary

Did you know that Calgary’s high river flow season runs from May 15 to July 15?  Living and playing in Silver Springs means easy access to the Bow River.  River safety is important to us all.  

What you need to know during high river flow periods:

Stay away from rivers…

  • Exercise caution around riverbanks as the fast-moving water can cause erosion and destabilization of riverbanks.
  • Warn children about the dangers of fast-moving water, particularly those who live near the river.
  • Cyclists and pedestrians should watch for low-lying areas where the river can submerge the pathways. Check pathway closures before your trip. 
  • Contact 311 if you see any flooding concerns. Contact 911 if someone’s life is in danger. 
  • Keep pets away from fast moving water.
  • Listen to local media and follow and the City’s social media accounts (https://www.calgary.ca/uep/water/flood-info/stay-informed/stay-informed.html)  for updates on conditions.

Access the City of Calgary’s daily updates and 24-hour forecast here:  https://www.calgary.ca/uep/water/flood-info/flood-information.html?redirect=/flood