Bowmont Pathway Realignment Rehabilitation Project

Bowmont Pathway Realignment Rehabilitation

Riparian habitat restoration work will take place in Bowmont Park along the Bow River, in the natural area upstream. The location is to the west of Dale Hodges Park where the pathway was moved away from the eroding river bank in the fall 2020 to protect it from future flooding. Rehabilitation work will restore native vegetation, riparian area health, and help Calgary Parks reach biodiversity targets. Trees and shrubs will be planted, and native seed mixes will be installed. Fencing will be in place for a two-year maintenance period to allow the vegetation to establish. Signage will be in place at the project site.


This work will begin early to mid-September through to October 2021, as well as a two-year maintenance period to follow.


There will be occasional vehicle traffic along regional pathway, but no pathway closures or detours. The area will be fenced off until 2024 to protect plants.

For more information,  visit page for Bowmont Park, under “Habitat restoration”.