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Printable Scavenger Hunt Maps: Tailor Made for Silver Springs

Wondering what all the fuss is about lately here in Silver Springs? There has been a lot going on behind the scenes, even though there is a slower pace during all of this COVID restriction living. There have been families and households taking walks, running, biking, walking their dogs, peaking into the woods, leaving painted rocks, exploring and simply re-socializing themselves in all the corners of this community in a new way. Simply being a good neighbor. Coming together and realizing that Silver Springs is one awesome place to live! How fantastic it has been that we all share a very unique, essentially outdoor playground inside Calgary. One of those realizations has come from our household. 

So with two young kids to entertain and our outdoor lifestyle, the creation of these Scavenger Hunt maps of Silver Springs was conceptualized.  Not just for us, but we wanted to share with everyone.  My hope is to create a way to explore, and simply re-connect to our community in ways we haven’t done in a while. These maps are like a fun game of chasing clues, or adding a mystery or simply uncovering a secret location. By exploring our streets and forcing us to walk a different path, use our minds and experience all the parts of Silver Springs.

Please join me in the release of the first of 6 -Silver Springs tailor made Scavenger Hunt maps. Map 3, is in our beloved Botanical Gardens. It is all about collecting numerical clues. Each map will have a bit of math, problem solving and basic reading and observational skills.  Do it in one day, or multiple days. Be social and use your cell phones if you must. Get out and enjoy with the whole family.

Click here to read the Scavenger Hunt Rules.

Click a link below to open up a detailed map for each section. Stay tuned for future maps being created.

Stay tuned for future maps being created.  

There may be a draw for those that participating and please share with us on Social Media @SSCACalgary your stories and pictures of being out and about in our community of Silver Springs.

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